Putting Cloud in order

Build and scale your applications quickly while maintaining control

Cloud Governance​​

Keep your resources consistent, improve environment security and maintain compliance with a proven, complete framework.

Ensure compliance easily

Stay compliant with internal and external regulations by configuring your templates using policies, access controls, and resources, and then deploying them. Create an audit trail to identify compliance issues, notify stakeholders, and remediate issues quickly.

Monitor the environment

No more information chaos. Gather the right monitoring and telemetry data, including security-related events, and easily integrate it with your systems.

Empower teams

Keep your developers focused on building innovative products and services and not on compliance-related tasks with self-service provisioning and infrastructure management. Move the compliance process by using built-in policies.

Manage costs

No more guesswork as to where the money goes. Allocate budgets and monitor them by specific unit or cost center. Create custom dashboards to view and analyze your cloud usage and spend. Increase efficiencies by right sizing and reserved instances.

Stay safe and secure

No more gaps in your security. Establish solid baselines and policy based management for keeping identities and resources protected and compliant for all Azure services.

What is the plan?

We will help you regain control of your cloud

How we build technology value has changed. With this technological evolution, we must also rethink how we govern and secure in this “new world”.

As a Microsoft Azure partner and using our guardrails and governance methodologies, we are uniquely in a position to deliver superior cloud security across Microsoft Azure. We help clients across industries develop and implement an enterprise solution and accelerate innovative cloud projects securely. Our service is designed for organizations that recognize the need for control and want to ensure their cloud is secure.

Get out in front with cloud-ready services built for modern business

Improve unit economics and control spend

Minimize opportunities for attack

Bring cloud services to your data centre

Deploy and manage infrastructure smarter

Protect operations against disaster

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