Deliver infrastructure with high velocity and scale

Provision, change, and version resources on any environment.

Automation for everyone

Standardize and automate the process of building your infrastructure

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Compose infrastructure as code and build an automation workflow with collaboration and reuse to provision any infrastructure across IT operations and developers.

Minimizes redundant work and include the proper guardrails for security, compliance, and operational consistency using features for policy enforcement, drift detection, access control, and audit.

Provide automation at scale with management that extends to all teams in the organization with self-service infrastructure as code and integrates with CI/CD.

Accelerate your DevOps journey

No matter where you are on your automation journey, we're here to help

We help organizations improve productivity, reduce risk, and increase business velocity as they integrate cloud into their IT environments.

Whether it’s on-premise, a regional footprint, a global enterprise network, or your farthest edge nodes, you can use infrastructure-as-code on Azure to automate the management of your IT resources.

It’s automation at hybrid cloud scale.

Why automate IT infrastructure?

Most IT organizations face growing infrastructure size and complexity. With limited time and staff, IT teams often struggle to keep pace with this growth, resulting in delayed updates, patching, and resource delivery.

Applying automation to common management tasks — like provisioning, configuring, deploying, and decommissioning — simplifies operations at scale, allows you to regain control over and visibility into your infrastructure.

Enterprises must consider how to industrialize the delivery process across each layer of the cloud: embracing the cloud operating model, and tuning people, process, and tools to it.

Get out in front with cloud-ready services built for modern business

Improve unit economics and control spend

Apply framework and model principles

Minimize opportunities for attack

Bring cloud services to your data centre

Protect operations against disaster

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